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Design, development and implementation of various relational database systems for a variety of clients using Paradox for Windows and Paradox DOS. Strong emphasis was placed on ease of use, simplicity and short learning period. At the same time the systems were designed to be flexible to accommodate future expansions. An important consideration required each application to be sufficiently simple so its users can master its features and, exploiting Paradox interactively, enhance it. Elements of these systems include forms supporting data entry and data update, reports, backup and maintenance utilities and on-line context-sensitive help. Uriís writing skills made it possible for Ten Ninety to supply its clients integral on-line help screens and documentation.

Contributed articles on various software subjects to the Paradox Informant, a monthly magazine published by the Informant Communications Group, Inc.

Development and Implementation of Windows Graphical User Interface for the database definition, modification and manipulation using C. Required an in-depth understanding of Borland Internationalís database engine and presenting complex database issues to the user in an intuitive, easy-to-understand GUI.

Need analysis, specification, design and implementation of Paradox's SQL Link Setup project. In charge of critical aspect of new product that provides database administrators tight control over shared databases, across several SQL server platforms.

Analyzed requirements and developed and implemented specification and design of Query By Example extensions - developed user interface and the functional engine required to execute these extensions. Engineered the solutions for Outer Join and Cross Tabulation queries for Paradox QBE and localization tools for Paradox applications ( i.e., translation of application from English to German, French to Swedish, etc.)

Computer-security need analysis for a private investment firm. The development of the specifications for and the design of a computer security system. System include secured data communications and storage protocols and employing DES encryption. (Work was done in collaboration with Proffesor Danny Dolev, PhD, the Hebrew University, Computing Center.)

Member of Corel's Paradox Developer Roster.

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