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Uri Geva established Ten Ninety in the spring of 1993. Until 2001 Ten Ninety specialized in the design, development and implementation of database solutions. A critical element was developing intuitive and consistent user interface to simplify and ease workload. The R&D Division of Ten Ninety concentrated on product design and its Film Production Division developed instructional video projects.

Since 1999 Uri volunteered-taught math in the classroom of various grades. He realized that there exists an urgent need to improve the learning and, therefore the teaching, of mathematics. Testing his ideas, Uri discovered that his productive ingenuity has great potential addressing and solving math-education problems. Early in 2001 MathVentures was founded and, with it, Ten Ninety shifted its focus to mathematics education.

Long before multi-media became popular, Uri combined the formal studies of mathematics and computer science with the art of motion pictures. For years he has applied cinematic principles to improve communications and user interface. Since multimedia production is a multi-profession, highly collaborative endeavor, Uri understood that the producer is the leader of a team of professionals and applied the same management skills and principles to all of his endeavors.

Experience has taught Uri the value of design simplicity, consistency, intuitiveness and ease of learning. Whether the product will be used in a hectic office or chaotic classroom environment, whether the users are office workers, instructional video viewers, teachers or students, once they develop expectations, the product must meet them consistently. Principles and skills should be conveyed in a clear, easy-to-understand manner, avoiding the need to rely on rote memorization, in the workplace as well as at school and at home.

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